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Full of praise

You’re not the best
But I swear you better than the rest
On my schedule, kissing you is next
You can try putting me to a test.
I’m not gonna fail
In my life you’re head not tail
In your absence, the inner me looks pale
My love for you got no limit of scale.
You’re wonderful
You’re beautiful
You’re *undoubtful*
You make my life meaningful
You’re the girl I really cherish
Hope the love won’t perish
I’ll irrigate till it flourish
And nourish
I stare at you passionately
Cause I love you dearly
I like you crazily
I hate you ironically
You’re dear
And so no reason to fear
I can bear
Every single tear
You’ve always been you
Very genuine
You not just a few,
But a crew.


By Qweisie_Sparrow

cool..simple... easy

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