Mike took my girl from me

Mike took my girl from me.
Michel is her name.
Can call me Manuel;
Son of the earth.

You know;
Mike is tall and fair.
Quite the opposite,
I am short and black.

Mike is one funny guy
Who gets dimples when he smiles.
Unlike me, too reserved
And no sense of humour.

Well, again,
Mike is a vocalist,
But I’m too quiet; an introvert;
My biggest flaw.

Mike is like that guy
Who’s got every shit.
On the contrary,
No shit ever got me.

Mike had two passions:
Cooking and painting.
Cooking got the ladies, painting paid the bills.
I have no passion yet.

Mike wasn’t rich.
He’s got rich Mama and Papa.
My mama died after birth;
Papa dislikes a bad luck son

Mike took Michel on romantic trips,
I told her about morning jogging,
Mike got her flashy bracelets,
I could only afford love poems.

Mike has charming looks,
That he uses to flirt.
But my mirror is even upset with me.
Because my face is upsetting

Mike sent flowers.
I flooded her inbox with love SMS.
But she was dumb and no dictionary
To check for meanings of my words.

Mike spent nights
With her on phone call.
And with my pen and paper,
I wanted to be her Shakespeare.

Mike has succeeded
Luring away my girl, so sad.
And now I realise there’s no recipient
For my love poems.

Mike is happy
Michel; happier
But every night,
Manuel is super happier.

But you know?
Don’t be like Mike
Don’t be like Michel.
Be like me, Manuel

Why? Because they are just characters
I created in my novel
Like how
Shakespeare created Romeo and Juliet

Be like me
Mike and Michel don’t exist.
They are my invention

I am
Their proud

I am Qwesie_Sparrow
And I am


By Qweisie_Sparrow

cool..simple... easy

10 replies on “Mike took my girl from me”

This a superb piece – the way it is written, the language is original and inventive and it is set out so well. I do not read many poems / poetry where I think, I would have been proud and pleased to have written that. It’s everything I think writing should be, inventive, personal, reflective, has an identity.


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