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Something we’ve got inside,
That seeks not to hide.
That which is buried within us deep inside.
In it we’ve got to confide.
Trust in that; let it be our pride.
Like the smile of the newly wedded bride.

This that is buried within is who we are
Living within; thus, how we’ve come by far
This that keeps us, boiling;
Perhaps, our one tool for toiling.
Need not us suppress it;
Rather showcase every bit.

To the world; let your star out
Let it shine; to curb every drop of doubt
On the world; turn on your light
Let it illuminate every sight
Let it not fade
Let it not slumber under a shade

What we’ve got needs to shine.
They may despise, but its fine.
One they destroyed? We’re left with ninety-nine.
It’s our passion
And we have an option;
To put it in a pragmatic function


By Qweisie_Sparrow

cool..simple... easy

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