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The Ocean, though too vast;
Apologies not for its depth.
Neither does the mountain
Seek forgiveness for the space it takes.
So, shall you not be held accountable
For the beauty you possess.

Even when none is listening;
The birds chirp with joy.
Indifferently, the butterfly dances
Even in a state of perplexity.
And so, does your smiles appear priceless
Even if it’s a single reason to show it.

They say the heart forgets not
What the eyes have realized.
But inversely;
My eyes seem not to forget
What persona in the pretty you
That my heart has set insight on.

I could say more and more, perhaps ‘morer’
And when I get out of words,
I’ll bite off my tongue
And say something.
Something worth hearing, more than
Any word could ever say.

Feasibly, the day my tongue and ink dies,
I’ll needle a poem in my palm.
So words may resurrect
from my red blood,
Whereas my pure heart…
Will trade my tongue and be my voice

Today I pen down these words with joy!
With all hopes;
When the story must continue,
And I do have to turn the page,
You’ll will be there…
Right there in the next chapter.

©2021 voice_of_the_pen

By Qweisie_Sparrow

cool..simple... easy

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