Awoken From The Ashes

Who pulled the gun?

Who triggered the trigger?

Under the frowns

Of a lonely fading moon

Who groped my neck?

So tight in the darkness

That the echoes of my screams

Were as silent as a forgotten melody?

Who tied at my back, so tightly my hands;

Covered my pleading mouth with stretchy fingers,

As he loosened my skirt’s knot?

Whose manhood reaped the grain;

From a groin his testes never cultivated?

Just to know…

You had my body burned

But my soul woke from its ashes

You had my heart crashed

But my strength and conscience mended

You dipped in me fear and rage

But I grew claws for monsters like you

Just if I meet one in underworld

You must have raped and killed me;

But my blood in your blood streams

Flows to haunt you….

©2021 voice_of_the_pen

By Qweisie_Sparrow

cool..simple... easy

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