Tales of Demons were told
Fears got unfolded
Demons talked of
To have grown in the darkness
Then we cursed the night
Stoned the antagonism of the night
To escape from darkness
And when the day broke
In essence of diminished demons
Having blankets untacked
We woke up only
To meet the real Demons
You!… Me!… Us!…

©2021 voice_of_the_pen

By Qweisie_Sparrow

cool..simple... easy

13 replies on “REAL DEMONS”

Your poetry could be professional quality if you learned syntax. 🙂 Just some professional criticism. I like what it’s saying. Have you ever thought of taking a College Course, like 051? It helped me significantly.

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could you plss tell me more about this syntax?
actually I never did proper lectures on literature..I am only dwelling on the knowledge I had in basic school..

I’ll really appreciate your efforts…

Thank You

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Thank you. Um, it’s word order. Basically learning comma placement, semi colons, types of phrases and clauses, that sort of thing. It’s easy to learn.

First thing you should do is learn predicate and subject, then look up the 8 most common rules for commas. That will basically give you a good foundation. You should then learn part of speech—it should be second nature to you. Then you should learn the difference between a phrase and a clause. Then the difference between an independent and dependent clause. You should learn what run on sentences are and also comma splices. You should learn the different types of conjunctions, Coordinative, Subordinative, and Conjunctive Adverbs. Learn Semicolon and Em Dash usage. Learn Direct and Indirect object—and then learn the proper morphologies of words related to all of that. Then you should learn suffix and prefix for utilizing portmanteaus. You wouldn’t believe how many words don’t exist, but you can invent them with the right suffix and prefix. You should learn all of the Helper Verbs and conjugations of tense. You should really study morphology on its own, as that kind of relates to Portmanteau. You should have a basic understanding of clause and phrase, and the different kinds. Like Nominal Clauses or Adjective Phrases. You probably learned Prepositional Phrases when you were in school. You should also learn the Coordinative Conjunctions. Commit all of them to memory. You should have some of the Subordinative conjunctions committed to memory. And you should probably have a basic understanding of diagraming a sentence.

Once you complete that course, you’ll have English Syntax down.

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I’m just glad I wasn’t rude. I felt so bad for sending that comment.

Um, what I was talking about Morphology, that’s an important part of syntax, but Portmanteau is a literary device.


God bless, and thank you for reading my blog!


Thank you. My order might be messy, as it’s more of a working knowledge of the stuff. I’m very interested in that kind of thing. If you want to get even more advanced, there’s an actual order to words within a sentence. Like arranging adjectives and adverbs and stuff. That’s advanced stuff I haven’t even started to study. I think I learned it in elementary school, but I wasn’t able to fully grasp it.

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