welcome to my dungeon of stories

‘MY DREAM GIRL IS A GHOST’ is a total fiction
with a little bit of romance.
Relax and grasp it all….

Author : Qweisie Sparrow.

photo credit: unknown


Episode one.

It was that day, when I ran into you at the book store.
Your hair curled as the wind blew, covering half of your dazzling face.
I could only manage to catch a glimpse of your sexy lip and eye ball;
That had seemed to set ablaze; ones that seemed to harbor so much more.
Your back, so much neatly crafted, which I think only Odomankoma, the best Artisan could leave such an artistic mark.
Your side view portrayed the artistic impression of a perfectly molded clay pot, a shape like that of the coca cola bottle.
Your hips jingled as you calmly cat walked like a 5 star rated model with that bracelets that jangled on your soothing wrist.
The dangling beads beneath your waist echoed enthusiasm that got me attracted.
Just as you passed by me,
The smell of your scarf caused my hormones to stupidly start to accelerate.
“Sight at first last” “First at last sight” NO! NO!
What blunder do I make of myself?
“Love at first sight” they perfectly described.
The mechanism of my nervous system froze for a while;
Solemnly lost in thoughts of you.
My mouth shivered;
My body vibrated;
My mind choked…
My system was like it’s been hijacked that desist me to speak.
Of which I failed to say ‘HI’
Not to mention of trying to know what such a tremendous art was labeled.
It took a stroke from the store keeper;
To revive me from the land I was day dreaming in.
This chance I missed which I may never forgive myself; my stupidity, to be blunt.
But maybe, even the Heavens were up to some kind of mischief, to my aid.
Coz I deem it not just a coincidence, as the store keeper called out your name.
Actually, I couldn’t believe you were so much in deep thought about me.
That you even forgot your card.
Hahaha.. Just a small sense of humor..
The Heavens might have struck me dead not to take advantage of that.
Helen was your name; via your card.
And that was when I got to fully scan the best art of my life.
Beauty that was crafted by the best craftsman, defining the best craftsmanship;
Beauty enough to appease angry gods;
Beauty enough to persuade thunderstorms;
And calm down hurricanes.
I wished I could hold you, just for a second to satisfy my curiosity, if indeed you were human but not goddess in a fairy tale.
But that chance slipped, you seemed kinda in a hurry.
But as you took your card from me,
You smiled and that sexy lips said thank you.
Tears of joy glean in my eyes, and that was the epitome of my start of love of course for you.
It was my first time.
It felt so special, so I tip toed and stalked you to your house, of course you never noticed.
I never knew you were in the neighborhood.
You were not so far.
It was nice and cool watching my dream queen through her naked windows.
Just then I saw someone enter your room.
But who was he?
Hoping not to be what I was thinking;
I started to shiver.

Episode Two.

Lost and stuck in this generation souls made love inferior.
Drenched in loneliness, yet my company seemed not comforting any longer.
Fear, I had for the outside world; afraid to be broken.
Because my best friend died almost due to disintegrated cardiovascular; broken heart.
Before Mama turned to dust, she advised;
A good wife is all, all to life.
I have been on the run for such wife, and then I met you.
I had my gaze at him, from his tick eyes down to his crooked legs.
He hugged you from the back; kissing your neck as you seemed still and quiet.
Game over then. Such a loser I am. Cursed myself a little, bit my lip with resentment; walked away with heavy trembling legs.
I lost a battle I never even fought.
Why are the Heavens so mean to me?
Loneliness had always been my worthy companion.
The moon is my watch; the stars are friends; and hey, my phone never disappointed me.
You made me lose a battle and yet desist me from having sleep.
That charming image of yours kept revealing in my mind.
Rolling left to right on my bed, I still had you in mind; you had me charmed and hijacked and I got to sue you for that.
Hello clock, 9pm it smiled. 9:15 and I was there, under that big tree that shaded your little home.
Dressed in that red pigmented nightie you grabbed a cup of coffee.
Damn! you so sexy and charming, but you belonged to someone else.
Yet after that phone call, you seemed dull and pale, anguished and angry.
You yelled at yourself.
Something’s wrong, I felt it within.
I don’t know why, but there seem to be a bond. It boiled within me.
But approaching you was my biggest flaw.
But always, there seemed to be a coincidence to my advantage.
You slipped and your phone fell over.
Like a superman, I was there to ‘hero’.
Then you came down.
At first glance you recognized me.
I called your name and you asked for mine.
I melted inside.
My heart beat rapidly that I was afraid it might blow up.
Was this indeed what my friends called love?
Then really I have missed something so great.
Your smiles made me go crazy. It was the first time I have felt like this. You were perfection.
But I was so nave and ignorant with matters of the heart, was out of moves.
What possibly could I think of?
Can you get me a drink?
As always, you smiled and took my hand upstairs. It was cold in your room;
A perfect place and moment for a date.
I couldn’t stop staring, you noticed and I guess you liked it.
The moment was little awkward, staring at each other yet not saying anything.
That was my call, then.
I held your hand and put on my chest; to feel the rhythm of my heart beat,
In correspondence to what I felt for you.
Still you were silent.
But I could hear the screams of your silence, it echoed in my veins.
You partially closed your eyes and smirked with your sexy lips.
Was it a trap? I thought.
The gaze in your eyes seemed flashy but genuine. You lowered your head and loosened your lip. Slowly just when I was going to bury my lip on yours, there was a knock….ooops bad timing.

Episode three

A bigger grudge really luck has with me.
That I’ll believe why he’s never on my side.
My cry he’s never heard.
My prayer he’s never answered.
My sufferings and grief he’s turned deaf ears to.
When I coincide with him,
I’ll definitely puzzle him why.
Mission failed rang in my head, while I drew back and apologized.
You seemed not offended, you smiled. Yeah,
That damn smile that made me fell for you.
You were always full of it that always lured my emotions.
It was that same guy again.
He’d ruined my golden opportunity.
Do I in my hand hold any judgment? NO!
Not even a position at where I stood.
In front of me you hugged him and asked to escort me.
Wait… What? I’m outta the league already?
Just moments ago you almost kissed me.
Play not game of chess with my feelings;
I cried to the goddess of love.
Fear grappled my neck and soaked in depression.
My feet felt numb while my heart ached out of aggression.
What do the Heavens have installed for me then?
I guess I was on my own.
The night was cozy and
The street was silent as I faintly walked home.
Everything was dead in sight yet with no ghost.
I could only sooth myself with the beer bottle that had sweat in the bar fridge.
Disappointment ate the cells in my brain.
I sobbed and cried inside of me.
There were little drops of the salty waters that were embodied in my eyes.
They were just a few, but there were very valuable.
Just who are you that seem to trouble me so much?
That time around, I had lost a battle that I fought.
I’m always a loser, just nothing new.
I fell on bed with my shrink face and prayed to the Heavens to borrow me some hours of sleep.
That, they listened and granted my wish.
Life was upset with me, with my alarm not so dissimilar.
It refused to wake me up.
Not so much I can do now than to accept defeat and live on.
Life always had it chance to beat me to the dirty drains.
Yet I had no one to shower away the pains, not even the rains that no one owned.
Loneliness at its peak; my friends mocked.
I have not them to blame, in fact no one to blame.
And so when the day was over,
I took my pen and poured on the pages the agony that my heart suffers;
The pains that loneliness had cost me.
Mom had turned to dust.
Papa had too many things in the junk yard.
Big bro is happily married on a foreign land.
And here I am, lost deep in the soil of loneliness.
My friends said my life was boring and so had me cut off from the grid.
But there was life to live.
I gathered some scattered energy left within me and pulled off the blanket.
I stepped out to offer my stomach a bite.
And yet again;
Just in front of the super market,
There was this charming back view of a queen like who’d just ascended a throne.
There….. You were.

Episode four

Fate playing tricks with my feelings?
Otherwise, was I hallucinating? Definitely no coz that illusion I thought seemed so real.
But flashbacks of yesterday’s happenings swam in my mind; that kept me back and still.
Like it happens it Indian movies, you turned in a slow motion while the gigantic sun sent rays that painted a silhouette in my vision.
You noticed me and you smiled.
Yeah. Yet again you showed me that damn smile that causes commotion in my chromosomes.
You waved and signaled to come over.
First I was reluctant.
Second thought; let me give a second try, I advised.
You always seemed to find a way to charm me and render me clueless.
Which I guess not it was deliberate or, or ignorance.
You said hi Hun.
I was real flattered, coz my name you had in memory so why say Hun.
I said hello sweetie.
You giggled.
Apparently you couldn’t stop smiling.
I must confess
One time you seem so much into me, the next moment, you off the grid.
But that moment, I thought of nothing else
You were so full of my thought; was crazy about you.
No harm in trying, I said to myself; wanted to take a shot at it.
With courage, I took your hand, kissed it and asked to grab a coffee.
You agreed. That was the first romantic move between us.
My cells and tissues all hopped with joy, because they were connected to a force so strong.
Like a gent would do for his lad, I pulled a chair so you made yourself comfortable.
We only had coffee, we had chats; about us, the world and stuffs until we run out of topics.
My heart was boiling; my mouth was itching to utter those three words; ‘I love you’
Yet I wanted to know who that guy was first.
My sixth sense was contemplating with my instincts; ‘say it’ no ‘don’t risk it’
It was really funny, an innocent guy was in love for the first time yet he can’t yell it to the world.
You noticed I was not myself so you tapped my shoulder and I was revived.
You asked what was wrong
Out of the blue I said it.
I couldn’t believe myself, but yes
I said I love you
Just that moment my body was full of Goosebumps.
Out of shyness
I lowered my heard and covered my ears not to hear what you got to say.
So childish of me right?
You kept your gaze on me but you were relaxed. My heart beat so fast. My ears itched to hear what you were going to say.
You called my name again with those sexy lips of yours.
You looked me in the face; smiled; and asked for my number.
‘I will call you at seven to tell you’
Not the kind of answer I was expecting though
But maybe you also had some stuffs to sort out.
I couldn’t patiently wait. My nerves itched while waiting for your call.
I had my phone glued to me hoping it rang.
Twenty passed seven, yet no call. Ten minutes later, I had a text message.

Episode five

You know that kind of feeling;
When your expectations are fouled,
Your whole system stumbles.
And I was no different.
You seemed to disappoint yet again. I had set a customized ring tone just in case you called for easy recognition.
Yet it never played, and I was broken into pieces.
Then my phone beeped. It was a text from you; my dream queen,
Whom I was longing to make reality with.
I wasn’t ready to read what you sent, because I thought it was hard to reject me on phone so you decided to text rather.
My fingers shook as I picked my phone.
With one eye closed, I tapped on your message.
It read, ‘help me darling’
At that instant I had this creepy feeling inside of me.
I didn’t seem to understand so I called but it was not answered and that was when I turned to Usain Bolt.
With my heels at my butt; as fast like a hyena, I fled to your home;
The home of my darling to be, my dream queen.
Oh no!
Why are so many people in and around your home, I asked myself.
I slowed down. My thoughts were confiscated
What had happened?
Well I had no idea but I started sobbing as I yelled your name.
I tried entering but I was prevented. They asked for my name and I didn’t hesitate.
I was directed to you, in the ambulance.
Was I hallucinating again or I was dreaming.
There you lied; almost dead. You were covered in cold blood.
I covered my face and cried like a baby who had lost his ice cream.
You refused to leave because you were waiting for me.
You held my hand tightly and you tried hard not to cry.
You asked me not to cry as you were going to be okay so we you could become my dream queen.
You smiled and asked me to finish what I couldn’t finish the last time we met.
You closed your eyes and waited for it.
Well I couldn’t deny you that favor.
Your lip was very juicy as I buried mine on them.
You were taken away while I cried all the tears in my eyes.
But you never told me it was that guy who stabbed you.
But then I know why; because you ditched him for me. Well his last days will be in jail.
I spent the rest of the days waiting for your return
That kiss got me the strengths to endure life with you in hospital.
Life was meaningless; because I was lifeless.
You were so cruel and selfish; you didn’t tell me that was the last time we were meeting.
And that kiss was our first and last.
Why journey and live behind such a lonely soul.
Why give up at the very last moment.
You only left me a message.
A message that you loved me.
That you admired me.
You left a message that even if you don’t make it and you become a ghost;
You will still be my dream girl.
Today could have been a day to exchange rings and vows.
Yet here I am reading such a romantic tribute at your funeral.
The hole and scar you have left is too deep.
So I ask your ghost to always accompany me.
And I will always be proud to tell the world that my dream girl is a beautiful ghost.

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