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Time Counts

We start as fools…And through experience;We become wise You remember when you spent an hour bathing only your stomach?Well, you now know how to shampoo your hair You remember when you put your right foot into the left shoe and vice versa?Well, now you can tie your shoelace I remember when I couldn’t recite the […]

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The Ocean, though too vast;Apologies not for its depth.Neither does the mountainSeek forgiveness for the space it takes.So, shall you not be held accountableFor the beauty you possess. Even when none is listening;The birds chirp with joy.Indifferently, the butterfly dancesEven in a state of perplexity.And so, does your smiles appear pricelessEven if it’s a single […]


When I Couldn’t Spell My Name

I got an infamous story I gotta tellIt’s quite embarrassing so aren’t gonna yellIt’s about the day my name; I couldn’t spellBut first… I warn your itchy mouths not to tell You know how shy I amUnfortunately, just in front of my desk sat our madamShe was a strict Muslim, married to a MallamIn our […]

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And when our feet hurts because we didn’t wear proper soles, they didn’t even careBut instead beat the hell of our buttto bruise because we were three seconds lateP.k

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We did not create ourselves.Yet want to live by ourselvesIgnoring the manual we came by.And when this happens,We become extinct.© 2020 voice_of_the_pen