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We don’t throw away our little water just because we heard it will be rainingperhaps the giver of rain might have a change of mind at the eleventh hour.Better still, no one kills their first born just because they have in their womb a second. ©2021 VOICE_OF_THE_PEN


When I Couldn’t Spell My Name

I got an infamous story I gotta tellIt’s quite embarrassing so aren’t gonna yellIt’s about the day my name; I couldn’t spellBut first… I warn your itchy mouths not to tell You know how shy I amUnfortunately, just in front of my desk sat our madamShe was a strict Muslim, married to a MallamIn our […]

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I Will Tell God

IA clot of blood I was in a manhood I never knew.For his pleasure’s sake; travelled from Walawaleto Kokompe; there a woman he knew.Such in a hurry that they slipped the condom.In a flashy moment, I had my freedom.A lot of us though, but selection was random.The radar on my mark and I aren’t a […]